Nova Tech

A project-oriented diversified provider of oilfield supply and services

NOVA Enertech is designed for industrial, oil and gas, manufacturing, mechanical, power and energy, engineering & multipurpose business.

Our Mission

As a resourceful company, NOVA aspires to become one of the leading regional oilfield suppliers providing effective solutions to its valued customers.

Our Clients

Nova clients include major international, regional and national Oil and Gas Companies in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asian region.

Our People

Our team works with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. We have extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of oilfield supplies.


Who We Are

Suppliers for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Oil Refineries, Fertilizers, Power Generation, On-shore & Off-shore rigs, Mining, Textile, Cement, Steel Mills.


We make the dirtiest, most dangerous job around a little safer with spill containment, safety supplies and environmental equipment for drilling operations. We deliver tools and rig supplies to location. 


We provide completion fluids for coiled tubing, workover and stimulation operations. The chemistry behind our completion fluids speed up hydration and allows them to start working the minute they head down-hole. This helps to reduce circulating pressures, extends life to coil tubing strings, and minimizes fluid usage.


We are here to meet all your Flowback supply needs. We stock 1502 iron and fittings, plug valves and repair kits, choke manifolds, choke stems, choke beans and all replacement parts. We also stock a full line of tools, pump parts, gear and equipment to outfit your well service crews. Call Nova EnerTech today for all your Flowback needs.


We carry flow control equipment for all stages of production and workover from gauges and valves to pressure relief and pressure controllers. We stock flow line, 1502 iron and fittings, choke manifolds, repair kits and replacement parts. Additionally, Nova EnerTech can be “on top” of all your Tank Battery Hook-up needs.

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NOVA EnerTech is providers of products and services to oil and gas sector.

We are an engineering, procurement, training, maintenance, construction, manpower supply and service company that offers wide ranging solutions to oil and gas sector.

Procurement Services

Our procurement special team is standing by to respond to your needs, locating, negotiating and ensuring the timely delivery of the products.

Location Supplies

Our procurement specialists have developed a strong network of suppliers on an international scale. We can efficiently locate and secure the necessary products.

Price Negotiation

We are dedicated to providing the most competitive pricing for our customers. We negotiate with a series of partner organizations for the best prices for the product you need. We are confident that our bids will be the most reasonable available.

Our Expertise

Accelerate your strategy across the renewables project lifecycle with Nova EnerTech. Data-driven excellence means we take on-target actions today, prevent trouble tomorrow, and solve problems whenever they arise.


- Oil & Gas Equipment We Supply
- Product Brands We Supply
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Pumps & Valves

- Valves and Actuators
- Hoses and Fluid Handling
- Pumps, Parts and Accessories
- Fluid Handling and Accessories
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Equipment & Instrumentation

- Automation and Control
- Flow Instrumentation
- Laboratory Equipments
- Measuring Instruments
- Offshore Instrumentation
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Refinery and Petrochemical

- Heat Exchangers
- HVAC Equipment and Supplies
- Pressure Vessels and Boilers
- Petrochemical, Refinery Equipment
- Separators and Filters
- Compressors and Turbines
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Project Support & Services

- Commercial Project Supplies
- Gas & Oil Drilling Services
- Emergency Project Supplies
- Project Support Services
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Mechanical & Electrical Supply

- Engines, Motors and Parts
- Generators and transformers
- Heavy Equipment & Machinery
- Lifting Equipment and Cranes
- Lightings and Electrical Products
- Mechanical and Electrical Parts
- Weldings and Cutting Equipment
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Powerful solutions for a sustainable future

As a leading energy service company in USA, we are looking to engage with our customers beyond the conventional relationship.


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Why Choose Us

Welcome to progress

At NOVA, we empower people with technology to drive the transformation of industries needed to enable a low-carbon society and address the world’s energy challenges.


Let's be great together

Supply Chain Experts

Today’s global supply chain is facing unprecedented challenges. NOVA Enertech expert teams have the distribution experience, supplier relationships, inventory position, and market knowledge to guide you through so you can focus on your business.

Our Awesome Projects

We Take All Related Oil & Gas Projects

Nova Enertech excels in delivering tailored solutions for the oil and gas industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures optimal performance and client satisfaction.

Waste Heat Recovery

Our cutting-edge technology harnesses wasted energy to drive cost savings and environmental benefits

Crude Flexibility

Our expertise enables seamless transitions between different crude oil types, ensuring efficiency and profitability for our clients.

Unconventional Gas

Our advanced technology unlocks the potential of unconventional gas sources, driving sustainable energy development.