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From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.


- Oil & Gas Equipment We Supply
- Product Brands We Supply
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Pumps & Valves

- Valves and Actuators
- Hoses and Fluid Handling
- Pumps, Parts and Accessories
- Fluid Handling and Accessories
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Equipment & Instrumentation

- Automation and Control
- Flow Instrumentation
- Laboratory Equipments
- Measuring Instruments
- Offshore Instrumentation
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Refinery and Petrochemical

- Heat Exchangers
- HVAC Equipment and Supplies
- Pressure Vessels and Boilers
- Petrochemical, Refinery Equipment
- Separators and Filters
- Compressors and Turbines
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Project Support & Services

- Commercial Project Supplies
- Gas & Oil Drilling Services
- Emergency Project Supplies
- Project Support Services
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Mechanical & Electrical Supply

- Engines, Motors and Parts
- Generators and transformers
- Heavy Equipment & Machinery
- Lifting Equipment and Cranes
- Lightings and Electrical Products
- Mechanical and Electrical Parts
- Weldings and Cutting Equipment
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Let's be great together

Powerful solutions for a sustainable future

As a leading energy service company in USA, we are looking to engage with our customers beyond the conventional relationship.


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Why Choose Us

Promoting responsible use of petroleum resources

We purposefully build relationships to establish long-term business partnerships. We engage in this relationship-based business platform in every level of our company.

Providing Value
Value can be defined as a “fair return or equivalent in goods and services for something exchanged”. We will continuously provide this fair and ethical exchange in all areas
Exceptional Service
Our Company’s reputation has been built on exceptional service. Our customers expect to see their products/services arrive when we say they will be there.
Product-Based Solutions

We are not in the business of just selling “rope, soap and dope” – anyone can do that. We will look for solutions so that the products and services we provide will be an extension of our values above.