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Nova EnerTech is your trusted partner in the oil and gas industry, providing top-notch pumps and valves solutions to meet the diverse needs of your operations. Our comprehensive services cover everything from valves and actuators to hoses and fluid handling, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and safety throughout your processes.

Valves and Actuators

Our Valves and Actuators division offers a wide range of high-quality valves and actuators designed to control the flow of fluids in your operations seamlessly. Whether you require ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, or specialty valves, Nova EnerTech has you covered.

We supply a wide range of valve products and parts for oilfield, refinery, petrochemical plant, marine and industrial applications according to API 6A, 6D specification for various pressure classes, sizes and applications.

Our selection includes:

– 3-2 Way Jacketed Valves
– Actuation
– Angle Seat Valves
– Angle Valves
– API 6A & 6D Gate Valves
– Ball Diaphragm Valves
– Ball Valves for all – Applications
– Bleed Valves
– Butterfly Float Valves
– Butterfly Valves
– Check Valves
– Choke Valves
– Control Valves
– Diaphragm Valves

– Distribution Manifolds
– Double Block Valves
– Double Sealing Actuated Valves
– Drain Valves
– Dual Plate Check Valves
– Externally Pressure – Controlled
– Foot Valves
– Force Pilot Operated Valve
– Gas and Air Valves
– Gate Valves
– Globe Valves
– High Integrity Globe
– Instrumentation
– Safety & Environmental

– Sampling
– Slurry
– High Pressure Valves
– High Temperature Valves
– Instrument Control Valves
– Isolation Valves
– Knife Gate Valves
– Manifold and Gauge Valve
– Modular Valves
– Mono Flange Valves
– Motorised Valves
– Multi Valve Manifolds
– Needle and Plug Valves
– Needle Valves

– Pinch Valves
– Piston Check Valves
– Plug Valves
– Pneumatic Actuators
– Pressure Reducing Valves
– Pressure Regulating Valves
– Pressure Seal Valves
– Relief Valves
– Safety Valves
– Solenoid Valves
– Storm Valves
– Sub-Sea Valves
– Wedge plug Valves

Need Help?

Our professionals are ready to assist you with the selection of equipment that suits your operations.

Hoses and Fluid Handling:

Our Hoses and Fluid Handling solutions are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of fluids in your operations. We offer a diverse selection of hoses, couplings, fittings, and accessories to meet your fluid handling needs, including:

  • Flexible Hoses: High-quality hoses designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and corrosive environments, ensuring reliable fluid transfer.
  • Couplings and Fittings: A variety of couplings and fittings to connect hoses securely and efficiently, minimizing leaks and downtime.
  • Accessories: From hose reels and nozzles to flow meters and pumps, we provide a range of accessories to enhance the functionality and performance of your fluid handling systems.


Other Hoses

– Composite Hoses
• Flexible Metal Hoses
• Hydraulic Hoses
• Pneumatic Hoses
• Rotary Hose

• Rubber Instrument Hoses
• Spiral Hydraulic Hoses
• Suction and Return Hoses
• TFE High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

Pumps, Parts, and Accessories:

Nova EnerTech is your one-stop shop for pumps, parts, and accessories to meet your fluid pumping requirements. Whether you need centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, or specialty pumps, we offer a wide selection to suit your specific applications. Our offerings include:


– Centrifugal Pumps
– Commercial Pumps
– Diaphragm Pumps
– Dispensing Pumps
– Down Well Pumps
– Downhole sucker rods
– Duplex Pumps
– Fluid Power Pumps
– High Pressure Pumps

– Industrial Pumps

– Measuring Pumps
– Mud Pumps
– Oil Well and Oilfield Pumps
– Pump Parts and Accessories
– Quintiplex Pumps
– Reciprocating Pumps
– Rotary Pumps
– Submersible Pumps
– Triplex Pumps
– Vacuum Pumps
– Vertical Turbine Pumps

We also offer a complete line of chemical pump, heavy duty process pumps, slurry pumps, vertical cantilever pumps, double suction pumps, vertical turbine pumps and many other types of pump and pump parts for a wide variety of services.

– Pumps for Panel Systems
– Deepwell Turbine Pumps
– Positive Displacement Pumps
– Hydraulic Components for Power Packs
– Packaged pump and control skid

We offer more than 100 varieties of pumps designed for high volume and low maintenance operations. We are practically able to supply any Pump and Parts according to specific project requirement, drawings and parameters.

– ANSI B73.1 Horizontal Pumps
– ANSI B73.2 Vertical Inline pumps
– API 610 Pumps for Refinery Service
– Boiler Feed Pumps
– Bottom Suction Pumps
– Charge Pumps
– Chemical Pumps
– Frame Mounted End Suction Pumps

– Close Coupled Pumps
– Deep Well Pumps
– Diagonally Split Casing Pumps
– Diffuser Type Pumps
– Double Suction Horizontal Split Pumps
– Double Suction Pumps
– Double Suction Volute Type Pumps
– Dry Pit Pumps
– End Suction Centrifugal Pumps
– Fire Pumps
– Heavy Duty Process Pumps
– Hermetically Sealed Pumps
– High Pressure Water Supply Pumps
– Horizontal Split Casing Pumps
– Immersion Sump Pumps
Industrial Vertical Process Pumps

Multi Stage Close Coupled Pumps

– Multi Stage Double Suction Pumps
– Mutlistage Canned Motor Pumps
– Packaged Pumps
– Seal-less Centrifugal Pumps
– Seal-less Vertical Pumps
– Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps
– Side Suction Centrifugal Pumps
– Single Stage Canned Motor Pumps
– Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps
– Single Stage Close Coupled Pumps
– Single Stage Double Suction Pumps
– Single Suction Centrifugal Pumps
– Single Suction Volute Type Pumps
– Slurry Pumps
– Solid Casing Centrifugal Pumps
– Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps
– Submersible Centrifugal Pumps
– Submersible Disc Centrifugal Pumps
– Vertical Cantilever Pumps
– Vertical Immersion Vortex Sump Pumps
– Vertical In-Line Pumps
– Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps
– Vertical Split Casing Barrel Type Pump
– Vertical Turbine Pumps
– Vertically Split Casing Pumps
– Water Lubricated Circulators
– Wet Pit Pumps

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